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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about the Medical Document Uploader

Is my data Protected?

Patient data stored in Best Practice never leaves your computer network as patient matches are processed on-premises. Documents are sent for analysis using end-to-end encryption, the document and document text are not stored on any of our infrastructure. Our process has been approved by Best Practice.

What is the success rate of document allocation?

Success rate depends on your data (eg. duplicate patients); we have tested over 5000 pages and the success rate is between 90 to 95%.

After a few weeks, BP to OCR Software  will learn using it's Artificial Intelligence OCR capability to improve patient matching.

How long will it take to scan a document ?

It takes less than 12 seconds to scan and upload a document.

Will the  OCR Software auto reconnect after every time BP server is restarted? Will it run on a desktop?

It auto reconnects. You can run either on the server or a standalone PC.

How much will it cost? 

$99 fee per month  plus 10 cents inc GST per page for the basic version of the software. $149 plus 15 cents  inc GST per page for Advanced version.

Will the  OCR Software recognise hand written documents?

Yes, it will as long as a human can understand the handwritten text.

Can I rename the heading of documents after upload into clinical software?

Yes you can provided your clinical software allows to do so.

Software updates?

This is a Paragraph. Click on "Edit Text" or double click on the text box to start editing the content and make sure toWhen we release new versions, you can get a copy to update the software. This is a free service until June 2023, after that you will pay a $330 software upgrade fee a month. 
add any relevant details or information that you want to share with your visitors.

What happens when the OCR software cannot find the right patient due to mispelling  of patient name or duplicate patients or dob etc? 

If you have a duplicate patient record in your clinical software or document cannot be read by our OCR software  due to poor quality of the document or patient  cannot be found in your clinical software, this OCR software will move the document from investigations folder  to an error folder under  investigations folder OR  move the document from  patient's correspondance folder to an error folder under patient's correspondance folder.  You can modify the

failed  documents using  the below formats and cut & paste them back into the correct folder to reallocate again.

--- dd/mm/yyyy

 --- firstname, surname

of the paient to store automatically it in the correct patient record. 

What are the different versions available? 

Basic Version

Most common words found in the document will be given as the title for each document.

Advanced Version - (Preloaded templates) 
When the system finds any of the below documents/templates, it will give the below specific title for the document eg.Northern hospital discharge summary 

If the document does not match any of the below templates, most common words found in the document will be given as the title for each document. 

Northern hospital emergency department discharge summary 

Northern hospital discharge summary 

Northern hospital specialist outpatient 

Northern hospital operation notes

Northern hospital day surgery notes

Northern hospital imaging report 

Northern hospital pathology reports 


Austin hospital emergency department discharge summary 

Austin hospital discharge summary 

Austin hospital specialist outpatient 

Austin hospital operations notes

Austin hospital day surgery notes

Austin hospital imaging report 

Austin hospital pathology reports 

Austin hospital cardiology reports 


Mercy hospital outpatient notes

Mercy hospital obstetric discharge summary 

Mercy hospital operative notes

Mercy hospital discharge summary 

Mercy  hospital imaging report 

Mercy hospital pathology reports 


St Vincent’s hospital discharge summary 

St Vincent hospital outpatient notes 

St Vincent’s hospital pathology results 

St Vincent’s hospital imaging report 


Royal children hospital outpatient notes 

Royal children hospital discharge summary 

Royal children hospital pathology results 


Peter MacCallum hospital outpatient notes

Peter MacCallum hospital discharge summary 


Correspondence from Dr Nilesh Mehta, cardiologist 

Correspondence from Advara heart care

Correspondence from  Dr Rayoo , cardiologist 

Correspondence from gastro north, gastroenterologist 

Correspondence from Dr David Angus, urologist 

Correspondence from Dr Daniel Steiner,urologist 

Correspondence from Dr Tim Rutherford,dermatologist

Correspondence from Dr Fiona Bruce ,dermatologist 

Correspondence from Ms Caroline Ryan , ENT

Correspondence from Ms Zenia Chow , ENT

Correspondence from Dr Luke sammartino, paediatrician 


Correspondence from nursing home

Correspondence from Bolton Clark nursing 

Correspondence from banksia palliative care


Correspondence from physiotherapist 

Correspondence from podiatrist 

Correspondence from osteopath

Correspondence from chiropractor 

Correspondence from dietitian 

Correspondence from diabetic educator


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