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"Hey there, Practice Owner/ManagerI was also in your shoes for many painful years till I came to a breaking point. The staff cost was too high, they were unreliable, not fast enough for practice staff.. you know what I am talking about. Of course you do, that's why you are here!"

About Me

I am Dr. Shedden Fernando and I bring to you, the Medical Document Uploader. It is a  revolutionary tool that addresses the issues of high staff costs and inefficiencies in managing medical documents. With 35+ years of experience in healthcare, technology, and artificial intelligence, my expertise has led to the development of a valuable asset for the healthcare community. This innovative solution has the potential to streamline processes and make a significant impact on the efficiency of medical practices.

This is too good to be true and I am beyond excited to share it with you!

About Medical Document Uploader

Medical Software services you can rely on​

The introduction of automatic document upload using OCR technology, specifically tailored for Best Practice Medical prescribing software, is a significant advancement. This innovative solution ensures seamless and rapid allocation of documents within 12 seconds to patient/client files, eliminating the need for human intervention. Instant Medical Consult not only offers OCR Document upload services but also provides a range of medical services, ultimately contributing to a potential revenue increase of 25% for medical practice owners and staff. The BP to OCR software, available in basic and advanced options, offers versatility to meet the diverse needs of medical practices. For more details, please refer to the Plans & Pricing page.


OCR, short for Optical Character Recognition, stands as a widely adopted technology designed to identify text in images, encompassing scanned documents and photographs. Its primary objective is to transform diverse image types containing written text—be it typed, handwritten, or printed—into machine-readable text data. This technology is pivotal in extracting text content from images, rendering it searchable, editable, and applicable in diverse digital contexts. OCR finds application in document digitization, data entry, and accessibility, among other domains where converting text from images into editable and searchable formats is paramount.

Key benefits of utilizing OCR capabilities in medical businesses:

  1. Elimination of Manual Data Entry: OCR reduces reliance on manual data entry, minimizing the need for employees to transcribe information from scanned documents, faxes, emails or images.

  2. Instant Accessibility: Processed documents become immediately available, eliminating the waiting time associated with manual data entry. This quick turnaround enhances overall operational efficiency.

  3. Error Reduction: OCR technology significantly reduces the risk of human errors that can occur during manual data entry. This ensures the accuracy and reliability of the extracted information.

  4. Resource Savings: OCR enables the processing of a large volume of data more rapidly and with fewer resources. This efficiency results in cost savings and allows businesses to reallocate resources to more strategic tasks.

  5. Storage Space Optimization: Digitized documents take up less physical storage space compared to traditional paper documents. This is particularly advantageous in healthcare, where large volumes of patient records are generated.

  6. Improved Productivity: Automated data extraction through OCR enhances overall productivity by reducing the time and effort required for handling documents.

  7. Reduced Work Cover for Repetitive Tasks: OCR reduces the need for manual, repetitive tasks, leading to potential cost savings related to work cover and human resource management.

  8. Enhanced Workflow Efficiency: Digitized documents facilitate smoother workflow processes, enabling healthcare professionals to access up-to-date and accurate information promptly.

Integrating OCR technology into a data capture solution offers several strategic advantages for medical businesses:

  1. Cost Reduction: OCR technology streamlines data capture processes, reducing the costs associated with manual data entry, storage, and retrieval. This efficiency translates to significant savings for medical practices.

  2. Process Acceleration: OCR accelerates document processing by automating the extraction of textual information. This speed enhances overall workflow efficiency, allowing medical businesses to handle large volumes of data more rapidly.

  3. Automation of Document Routing: OCR facilitates the automation of document routing and content processing. This ensures that documents are directed to the appropriate locations or individuals seamlessly, reducing the need for manual intervention.

  4. Centralization and Secure Data: Digitized documents, made possible by OCR, can be stored centrally in secure digital repositories. This eliminates the risks associated with physical storage, such as fire, break-ins, or loss of documents, providing enhanced data security.

  5. Accessibility and Retrieval: OCR-processed data is easily searchable and accessible, enabling quick retrieval of specific information. This accessibility enhances the responsiveness of medical businesses in providing timely and accurate services.

The adoption of OCR technology as part of a comprehensive data capture solution empowers medical businesses to operate more efficiently, securely, and cost-effectively. It represents a strategic investment in optimizing processes and improving overall data management practices within the healthcare sector.


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